Mattawa, WA

Mattawa, WA
Jurisdiction: Mattawa, WA

December 8, 2009 the Town of Mattawa became the City of Mattawa by Council Ordinance.  This change increases the number of Council Positions from five to seven.  It also allows the City to apply for more grants and funding than previously eligible.
Mattawa’s surrounding area has gone through radical change in the past fifteen years. Irrigation projects and the ongoing construction of the regional dams have had a large impact on the development of Mattawa. Because of proposed construction on area projects and the development of area farming, Mattawa should benefit and receive a stimulus to its economy and growth.

Phone for Permit: (509) 932-4037
Services We Provide: Plan Review, Building Inspection
Address: 521 E. Government Road
PO Box 965
City: Mattawa
State: WA
ZIP Code: 99349